I woke up this morning
And it was snowing!
So I packed my car
and headed South.

I got to the US border
And I was denied access?
Has taken over everything!

So I headed for Ontario
But I was turned away there too.
Something scary is going on?
Democracy must be preserved!

Is it the virus?
Or is it the imposed
The coercive measures?

Bio-powers, bio-politics,
Calculated manoeuvres
To distort human nature,
By-passing individual intelligence.

Character management
Through fake news
Forged propaganda
Leading to rigid laws.

Mass control,
Corporal distantiation,
All public demonstrations
Are rigorously banned?

Hitler’s plan has come true
By introducing
A basic virus
From who knows where?

The Chinese fought the virus.
Our governments
Fought human nature
Through totalitarian measures.

John Mallette
Le Poète Prolétaire

Une réflexion sur “PANDEMIC BLUES

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